Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ode To My Car Seat

My car seat is one of my favorite places to be.  I can be feeling really cranky or out of sorts, but once you put me in that car seat, the world becomes right again.  It doesn't even have to be moving.  Whether it's in the car, stroller, or just on the ground, it's definitely my preferred hangout spot.  Here's a little tribute to the chair that has it all.

My car seat is a great place to relax and catch some rays

Or maybe just a quiet spot to where you can think and gaze

It's a comfy place to sit if you have to make a call

It's so versatile it even fits inside a shower stall

I like to lounge in it and stare up at the skies

 But sometimes Mommy interrupts and catches me by surprise

I use it when I'm rocking out to music in the car

I'd have to say my car seat is my favorite place by far

I know why Mommy likes it, the reasons aren't so deep

It's cuz every time she puts me in, I sleep...................and sleep.........................

.............................................................and sleep.
BIG thanks to Auntie Alison, Auntie Laurie, Auntie Jan, Nana Rehm, and Yaya for my stroller and car seat.  They are a big hit!



Monday, May 23, 2011

Nana Comes to Town!

Hello everyone!  It's been a while since my last post - you have no idea how busy my schedule has been lately!  Between eating, sleeping, and making presents for Mom and Dad in my diaper, I've hardly had time for anything else. 

One of the most exciting things that happened in the last two weeks was my Nana came to visit me all the way from South Carolina!  Here we are hanging out together.

In the early mornings, Nana would play with me while Mommy got some extra sleep.  She would walk me around the yard to look at the birds and flowers.  Now I love staring out the window to see if I can identify them myself.

Mommy, Nana, and I also went shopping a few times, which was great fun (what girl doesn't like getting new clothes?).  Here I am styling a new dress before going out to see the adoring public.

Some of my clothes are still a wee bit big on me though, so I'm eating a lot to try and make up the difference.  Occasionally, my eyes are bigger than my stomach.........

.....and I overeat, which makes me go into a "milk coma"......

 ......and then it's difficult for me to wake up.  It requires quite a bit of stretching before I'm ready to face the world again.

I sure had a great time with my Nana, and I can't wait till she comes back again (and meet my Papa too)!