Thursday, April 28, 2011

A baby has a visitor, a bath, and a nap... stop me if you've heard this one

Hello everyone!  Sorry I've been absent, but I've been busy tiring out Mom and Dad.  So much has happened and you can see the full set of pictures Dad uploaded by clicking here.

Before I forget, if you see any pictures you'd like the original (aka higher resolution) pictures for, feel free to email Mom or Dad. They can get you a copy to print at your local photo shop.

Our neighbor, Mariah came to visit me on Wednesday.  She has been so nice to mom and dad - she brought all kinds of yummy food for them to eat so they can spend more time focusing on me.  Thanks Mariah!

Dad started filling me in on how the world works and what I need to do to be successful... I thought I was a little young for such deep conversation, but I thought I'd humor him and listen to his lessons. I was skeptical to say the least...

But for some reason, I couldn't stop pondering what he had to say - even a good hand to suck on couldn't completely distract me..

 Nor could a nice Momma neck...

Fortunately a warm daddy belly was enought to put me to sleep... I highly recommend this as a home remedy if you're unable to sleep...

After a good 4 hours sleep on Daddy, you wake up feeling so refreshed!

Mom and Dad also gave me home bath #2. There weren't any pictures from the first bath, because my parents were fumbling around trying to get the hang of washing me. Things went much smoother this time, although you couldn't guess it from the look on my face.

Things turned the corner after they dried me off and moved on to my hair - what girl doesn't like her hair washed?

After my bath I was HUNGRY!  I gave dad the "feed me" face, and then got pretty excited when I saw mom come to pick me up!

Dinner was delicious, but I tried not to relax too much - Daddy is quite the trickster and is always trying to sneak up and kiss me... You literally need to sleep with one eye open around this house.

However, it seems like eventually they always find some way to get me to sleep!  There's just too many relaxing places in this house!

Sometimes it's so relaxing, that I don't ever want to get up!  Unfortunately, dad likes to wake me up from time to time to play with me. At least he's pretty nice about it...

Mom and Dad are still settling in, but we're looking forward to getting more visitors soon!  Until next time, I bid you farewell!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy belated Easter!

Hello everyone!  I've been very busy since my last post and have lots to share. Dad helped me upload a bunch of pictures to Flicker again and you can find those by clicking here.

Grandpa Rehm came to visit me this weekend. I know Dad needed a little help with the new house, but it's obvious he came to see me and was just looking for an excuse. He helped me get to sleep after I had some food and also really helped out around the hosue. He even put together an elaborate breakfast for Mom who certainly deserved a special treat.

I also figured out how to give Mommy big hugs - always excited to find another way to show her how much I love her!

I have really been enjoying the time I get to spend with Dad. He's not the softest of my two parents, but he sure does generate a ton of body heat!  All of my limbs go limp when I lay out on his chest - a perfect relaxing bed after a long day.

Today was my first trip to the doctor - how exciting!

I wasn't that excited about my new outfit, but I'd have to say I ended up looking very pretty when it was all said and done.

It was fun to sit in the sun on such a nice day - I'm looking forward to more warm days ahead.

I was very well behaved at the Dr's office (except for a little bit of an uplanned tinkle breaK) - everyone thought I was very cute.

I got checked out and everything looked good!  Dr Lo said I'm very healthy and was suprised about how much weight I had gained back after losing some at the hospital - I'm back to 7 lb 4 oz! 

After the Dr, we ran by the new house so we could drop off some of the light fixtures for the Home Theater room.  I was happy to check out my new digs and see where I'll be living in a few short months.

I could get used to this shower

Mom showed me my new room - exciting!

Then we got back in the car to do a few more errands - certainly one of my favorite places.  It's so relaxing!

Mom got a little hungry so Dad stopped to get a shake. I'm more a breast milk person myself...

Mom might have gone a little overboard with the hat - what do you think?

I hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We're all settled in!

Well at least I'm settled in - Mom and Dad are pretty good at catering to all of my needs. They think I'm running out of ways to challenge them, but I'm sure I'll come up with some new ways to make them love me more!

Dad uploaded a bunch of pictures to Flickr for me - Feel free to check them out by clicking here.

Last time I wrote anything substantial, I was getting ready to leave the hospital... Well, as my last small post let you know, I made it home! I was excited for my first car ride. Unfortunately, it was so relaxing that I don't remember very much.  I'm glad Mom got a nice new car for me to ride in - it seems very safe.

Once I got home, I immediately took over Dad's chair and tried to find something fun to watch on TV.

Watching TV wasn't nearly as much fun as watching Dad though.

Mom has been really helpful everytime I get hungry. I'm sorry I keep her up, but I know she understands my belly isn't big enough to go more than a few hours between feedings.

Dad has become the master burper in the household and usually takes over after Mom does the hard work. He has it so easy.... All the cuteness of me and all he has to deal with is a little spit up...

Sometimes Dad get's tuckered out way to quickly. What are you supposed to do when the person holding you falls asleep and you've got extra energy?  Hmmm..

Mom and Dad FINALLY got the message that I like sucking even when I'm not hungry - it took a bit of crying, but my first nook was quite relaxing.

Sometimes I forget when I need to eat and Mom wakes me up.  I always make sure to warm up and stretch my baby muscles before I do any strenous activities (feeding, changing, etc)..

Here's a video of Dad poking (ok, touching) my face. Sometimes he's checking to see if I'm hungry, but I also secretly suspect he's still amazed by how soft my baby skin is.

I've also heard how pretty my eyes are (Mom and Dad might be biased) and wanted to show them off a little more in this video.  Dad's always talking about how he's going to have to chase off the boys when I'm older - not sure what he means, but I'm sure he'll take good care of me.

Until next time, I bid my fans farewell!