Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy belated Easter!

Hello everyone!  I've been very busy since my last post and have lots to share. Dad helped me upload a bunch of pictures to Flicker again and you can find those by clicking here.

Grandpa Rehm came to visit me this weekend. I know Dad needed a little help with the new house, but it's obvious he came to see me and was just looking for an excuse. He helped me get to sleep after I had some food and also really helped out around the hosue. He even put together an elaborate breakfast for Mom who certainly deserved a special treat.

I also figured out how to give Mommy big hugs - always excited to find another way to show her how much I love her!

I have really been enjoying the time I get to spend with Dad. He's not the softest of my two parents, but he sure does generate a ton of body heat!  All of my limbs go limp when I lay out on his chest - a perfect relaxing bed after a long day.

Today was my first trip to the doctor - how exciting!

I wasn't that excited about my new outfit, but I'd have to say I ended up looking very pretty when it was all said and done.

It was fun to sit in the sun on such a nice day - I'm looking forward to more warm days ahead.

I was very well behaved at the Dr's office (except for a little bit of an uplanned tinkle breaK) - everyone thought I was very cute.

I got checked out and everything looked good!  Dr Lo said I'm very healthy and was suprised about how much weight I had gained back after losing some at the hospital - I'm back to 7 lb 4 oz! 

After the Dr, we ran by the new house so we could drop off some of the light fixtures for the Home Theater room.  I was happy to check out my new digs and see where I'll be living in a few short months.

I could get used to this shower

Mom showed me my new room - exciting!

Then we got back in the car to do a few more errands - certainly one of my favorite places.  It's so relaxing!

Mom got a little hungry so Dad stopped to get a shake. I'm more a breast milk person myself...

Mom might have gone a little overboard with the hat - what do you think?

I hope everyone had a nice Easter!

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  1. I love the shot of her sticking out her tongue in distaste of the shake (LOL). She is too cute!