Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog! I've been alive for less than 24 hours and already Mom and Dad are trying to make me practice my writing skills - jeesh, let a girl relax!  Truthfully, I wanted to post a little earlier, but figured it made more sense to wait for my name before creating my blog.  Dad told me the programmers would find "Hello World!" to be a funny title for this post on multiple levels... Apparently Dad isn't as funny as he thinks he is because I don't get it... Anways...

I'm making all sorts of news in my first 24 hours. A few comments I've heard while checking out the Hospital :
- Nurse to Mom/Dad : "Does this baby ever cry?  She didn't seem to care when we gave her the Hep B shot!"
- Dad to Mom : "The OB nurses said they'd never seen anyone dilate that fast - guess she wanted out."

Yesterday I got my first family visitors - How exciting! They seem very nice.
Aunt Laurie, Uncle Brian, Grandma Rehm (I'm not sold on calling her Grandma, we might need to find something more hip), and cousin Ben visited. After we did some quick photo sessions (I'm quite photogenic), the family took Dad out to get some real food so I could spend some time with Mom.

She was nice enough to feed me (sorry if that hurt a bit, but I appreciate it).  The burping was also VERY relaxing  Not quite as nice as my first bath, but I think the saying is "Babies can't be choosers"... Or maybe it should be...

Then I took a nap! I could get used to this whole cyle - spend a little time with the family, get some food, take a nap. I'd heard the real world was a bit more difficult than Mom's tummy, but I like it!

After my Nap, I made mom feed me pretty constantly from 9-10:30.  Little did my unsuspecting parents realize that's because I wanted to sleep for most of the night and give them a break!  I passed out and didn't wake up again until 4 AM!  I haven't decided if I'm going to be this agreeable on all future nights, but as they say "It's a baby's perogative to change her mind" so I have options.

I was SUPER hungry when I woke up. I had Dad change my diaper, had then nurse check me out (I'm doing great), and then tried to eat Dad's finger!  Haha - just kidding, but it was fun to show him how strong I can suckle when I'm ready for food!

Before I sign off, I thought I'd post a few videos of my first day.  In the first one, I'm only a few hours old and already looking around to see what's going on!

In this video, Mom had just finished feeding me and I got the hiccups - something Mom is intimately familiar with as I used to get these before I was born too!

I'm sure I'll have more updates for you all shortly, but here's a few more pictures to tide you over until my next post!  I look forward to meeting more of you over the next few months - bye for now!


  1. Welcome Hannah! Tell your mommy and daddy congratulations!

  2. Welcome Hannah! I can't wait to meet you! Congrats, Krista and Brett.

  3. Great news! Hello world, indeed!

  4. Hello Hannah!!!!! You have such a beautiful name. I love hearing all about you and I know you are just going to love seeing your family.

    Tell you Momma and Daddy that we are all so proud of them and keep the stories coming.

    You are so precious!!!!