Saturday, April 23, 2011

We're all settled in!

Well at least I'm settled in - Mom and Dad are pretty good at catering to all of my needs. They think I'm running out of ways to challenge them, but I'm sure I'll come up with some new ways to make them love me more!

Dad uploaded a bunch of pictures to Flickr for me - Feel free to check them out by clicking here.

Last time I wrote anything substantial, I was getting ready to leave the hospital... Well, as my last small post let you know, I made it home! I was excited for my first car ride. Unfortunately, it was so relaxing that I don't remember very much.  I'm glad Mom got a nice new car for me to ride in - it seems very safe.

Once I got home, I immediately took over Dad's chair and tried to find something fun to watch on TV.

Watching TV wasn't nearly as much fun as watching Dad though.

Mom has been really helpful everytime I get hungry. I'm sorry I keep her up, but I know she understands my belly isn't big enough to go more than a few hours between feedings.

Dad has become the master burper in the household and usually takes over after Mom does the hard work. He has it so easy.... All the cuteness of me and all he has to deal with is a little spit up...

Sometimes Dad get's tuckered out way to quickly. What are you supposed to do when the person holding you falls asleep and you've got extra energy?  Hmmm..

Mom and Dad FINALLY got the message that I like sucking even when I'm not hungry - it took a bit of crying, but my first nook was quite relaxing.

Sometimes I forget when I need to eat and Mom wakes me up.  I always make sure to warm up and stretch my baby muscles before I do any strenous activities (feeding, changing, etc)..

Here's a video of Dad poking (ok, touching) my face. Sometimes he's checking to see if I'm hungry, but I also secretly suspect he's still amazed by how soft my baby skin is.

I've also heard how pretty my eyes are (Mom and Dad might be biased) and wanted to show them off a little more in this video.  Dad's always talking about how he's going to have to chase off the boys when I'm older - not sure what he means, but I'm sure he'll take good care of me.

Until next time, I bid my fans farewell!



  1. Krista and Brett - Hannah looks wonderful and I am glad you are all settled in. Hannah seems to have wrapped her Daddy right around her finger all ready.
    Love Auntie Alison

  2. Hannah,
    Good to see you all settled in and ready to have your parents run around taking care of you. That is the best part of being tiny. Hope to see you soon.